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Greenfield Homes Inc. is a licensed and bonded company that has been in business since 1985. As a family owned company with over 30 years of experience, we strive to cater to the specific needs of the customer and provide personalized manufactured homes and modular homes to each customer. All our homes are installed by licensed and insured contractors with years of experience.

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What Is a Manufactured Homes ?

The term "manufactured home" specifically refers to a home built entirely in a protected environment under a federal code set by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Manufactured homes are NOT mobile homes. The term "mobile homes" describes factory built homes produced prior to the 1976 HUD Code enactment.

The HUD code requires each manufactured home to meet the following requirements:

 > Built as a one, two or three section home in a protected building center, transported to the home site on a frame and installed.

 > Meets the strict HUD code restrictions for design and construction, durability and strength, fire resistance, transportability, energy efficiency and quality.

> Built on steel beams with wheels under each section.

> Meets the high standards for heating, plumbing, air conditioning and thermal and electrical systems performance.

> Passes stringent third party inspections.

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What Is a Modular Home ?

Modular homes are the fastest-growing segment of the home building industry. A modular home is simply a home built to local building codes in a controlled, environmentally protected building center using precise and efficient construction technology. They are built to the same codes as a site built home. And because they must be transported to the home site, modular homes are much stronger than site built homes.

Will Banks Finance A Modular Home ?

Yes. Most banks, appraisers, and insurance companies treat modular homes the same way they do built homes--a house that's constructed entirely on your property.

Can I Save Money By Building a Modular Home ?

Construction costs for a modular home are sometimes less per square foot than a similar site built home.

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